Troubleshooting Guide

This page offers functionality to check logs in case of issue. It also allows you to test the audio level and download local recordings 


1. We are not streaming, and the grand mufti is here!


The unit has 3 main components that need to be present/operational to ensure it is operating ideally. Please check each before contacting us.


1.     Power Supply: 

The Power Supply must be the Official Raspberry PI Powersupply that gives 2.5A of power. To confirm you have power, look for a RED light on the back of the Pi.


2.     Connectivity: 

If you are using a 4G/3G Dongle Modem, check that the Light/LED on the modem is normally solid blue or solid green. A flashing Light/LED generally means it not not connected. Reasons include: Bad signal, no SIM, no Data. etc. 

First try unplugging and replugging the 4G/3G modem. If this does not work you may test the 4G/3G Modem using a laptop to try and debug further. Also check a mobile device using the same network in the sound room to see what level of signal is generally available in the vicinity.

If you are using a Ethernet cable, check that the ethernet ports lights have a solid green light and flashing amber light. Test this same cable in a laptop and confirm it is giving internet access.


3.     Audio Signal: 

This is by far the main reason for not streaming. Especially before a big program we are inclined to adjust the audio system of the masjid. The Streaming device is setup with a specific audio level detection threshold. If the sound feed is made softer or louder it can cause the unit to not stream or even continuously stream when there is no program. 


To test the audio feed we normally use a portable speaker and connect the 3.5mm feed into the speaker to ensure their is good quality audio on the feed.

2. The audio streaming cuts and restarts a lot.

This is a common symptom of when our audio detection level is not properly set. If you are having this issue, contact us to lower the audio detection threshold.  

3. Our streaming Audio is unclear.

If the unit is streaming but with audio issues, This will generally point to a problematic audio feed. If the audio just sounds too soft or too loud, then make the fine adjustments on your Masjids audio mixer. If however the audio mixer does not allow sufficient adjustment, then you can adjust this on the Pi Streamer. You can adjust volume levels by connecting to the Raspberry Pi WiFi Hotspot. Navigate in your internet browser to “” and use the sliders to adjust the volume”


If the audio is generally unclear with hisses, or static, please test your audio feed with a portable speaker or use your mobile phone and an aux cable to isolate if it is the mixer feed or if it is something on the Streaming device.

4. We had a program and for some reason the unit did not stream… is the recording available somewhere?

Yes indeed, the device is recording 24/7 locally to its internal storage. You can access and download these “raw” recordings by connecting to the Raspberry Pi WiFi Hotspot. Navigate in your internet browser to “” and click “show recordings.