LiveMasjid Device Installation Guide


The Livemasjid Streaming device consists of 4 main hardware components:


  1. Raspberry Pi Device (Black or White/Red)
  2. 4G/3G Dongle Modem 
  3. USB Audio Card
  4. 5V 2.A Power Supply Unit (*** must be the official Raspberry Pi 2.5A one otherwise you will have issues)

Installation Steps:

The streaming device is built to be installed close to the Majids Amp/Mixer sound system. It is meant to be left powered on 24/7 and does not require anyone to on/off it manually. We recommend once setup it is located somewhere out of sight from interference. It will remain connected and will ONLY stream when audio is detected on the audio feed.


Connect both the 4G/3G Dongle Modem and the USB Audio Card to the Raspberry Pi USB Ports. The Raspberry Pi has 4 USB ports, we normally use 2 that are diagonally across from each other to ensure they sit comfortably:


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The last step is to install an audio feed cable from the mixer, this is sometimes labeled as “Headphone” or “AUX” or Line Out on then mixer. Once a suitable port is identified you should buy or make up a cable to connect to the port and terminated in a 3.5mm jack.


Generally this is the RCA or 6.3mm jack converted to the 3.5mm jack


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                        RCA to 3.5mm                                    6.3mm to 3.5mm


The 3.5mm jack is then connected to the ***MIC*** input shown on the USB Audio Cable.


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Once the device is setup and powered on you will be able to find a WiFi Hotspot called Pi3-streamer. Once you connect to the hotspot you will be able to visit the configuration page located at IP address “” in a browser. Just type in the ip address in your web browser.